Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No Drivers test until you can pour milk WITHOUT Spilling!!

The coordination factor wasn't at the top of it's game with my first born! All 3 kids were required to wait until they were closer to the age of 17 before arranging the test... however with Jamison, I really struggled.
I don't know if it was my concern more because it my first time having a child become a driver or the fact that this boy was a klutz! 
The boy was fabulously athletic. Excellent team member for baseball..1st baseman and a great basketball player. He made almost all of his shots and was excellent on defense!
He couldn't pour a class of milk with out spilling!... not just a drop--> but over the top, puddles on the counter spilling. It was comical actually. Never failed to happen! he kept growing so fast that I just don't think he was fully aware of his whole self!
I allowed him to get a permit when he was close to 17 and after the required 6 months he finally felt he was ready to take the test. The parallel parking got him.. He didn't pass until his next test about 2 weeks later.
It wasn't until he was driving for a month that he had his first fender bender.
Oh the joys of those calls at night after you think everyone is safe where they should be......
All three had similar first tests and minor fender bender car accidents not long after they were driving. I hoped it helped them to be safer drivers.  Jamison was involved in an accident when he was 23 where he hurt his knee pretty badly, but that's another story!


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